The Story Of Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watch Without The Bezel


The Phillips announced that the perfect fake Rolex GMT-Master of Marlon Brando was found and it will be auctioned in the December. I think many people will know Marlon Brando, the film actor in America.

It is precious since it is belonging to Marlon Brando.
Steel Case Rolex GMT-Master Fake Watch

In 1979, he wore the Rolex copy with black dial in the movie “Apocalypse Now”. But there wasn’t any news of this timepiece for a long time.

The blue and red bezel of this GMT has been removed from the timepiece.
Black Rubber Strap Rolex Imitation Watch

In fact, Marlon Brando gave this precious knockoff watch to Petra Brando, his daughter. But she never wore it and collected secretly. In 2003, Petra gave it to her husband – Russel Fischer and he never wore it too. The distinctive feature of this timepiece is that the bezel was removed. Since the blue and red bezel was too eye-catching which will easily draw much more attention from the public.

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