Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Replica Watches With Gold And Steel Cases


The market price of Rolex can not be viewed in the usual sight of general watches. The hot Rolex are always in low production and huge demand. You will find a strange phenomenon in watch market. For example, the gold and steel bracelet copy Rolex Daytona is cheaper than steel Daytona.

It is strange that the gold and steel Daytona is cheaper than pure steel one.
40 MM Rolex Cosmograph Knockoff Watches

In fact, the official price of steel Daytona is lower than gold and steel version. But the real price of the steel Daytona is much more expensive than gold and steel Rolex fake watch with white dial.

Daytona has been favored by numerous men with the high precision.
Gold Bezel Fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona

Like many sporty models of Rolex, the imitation watch with self-winding mechanical movement features the 40 mm case, which is very suitable for majority of men. The bezel, crown, chronograph pushers and middle of bracelet are all made by 18ct gold. But if you don’t pay more attention to protection, there will be more scratching on the bezel.

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