Introducing The Story Between Jack Nicklaus And Luxury Rolex Replica Watches

Now majority of the watch lovers and fans of golf have known that Jack Nicklaus will sell his private Rolex Day-Date copy watch with champagne dial at Phillips Auction. Many people think that the price of this timepiece will be sold by a high price since it is one of the most legendary watches.

The legendary Day-Date will be auctioned in the end of this year.
Fancy Rolex Day-Date Imitation Watches

Do you know the story between Jack Nicklaus and Rolex? Why is this Rolex Day-Date so popular? The story between Jack Nicklaus and Rolex started in the end of 1960s. In 1966, Jack Nicklaus participated in Canada Cup and he got an opportunity to wear the Rolex on the cocktail party that Rolex held. At that time, he didn’t know anything about wristwatches and finally he chose the perfect fake Rolex following the advice of his friends.

The precious Day-Date has accompanied the legendary golf player for 50 years.
Gold Bracelet Rolex Day-Date Replica Watch

In 1967, he received a gold watch Rolex ref.1803. Although he got more and more wristwatches later, this gold case knockoff watch was worn everyday during the 50 years. So it is considered to witness all the important moments in his life.

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