How To Distinguish Whether A Replica Rolex Is Authentic Or Not


As the best-selling and high-end watch brand, Rolex is inevitably infringed. In order to prevent counterfeiting, Rolex has gradually engraved the miniature crown on the sapphire at 6 o ‘clock position since 2002. Many people reflect that the secret mark couldn’t be seen and suspect that their luxury copy Rolex knockoff watches are fake.

The green ceramic bezel adds the brilliance to the model.
Green Ceramic Bezel Copy Rolex Submariner

However, most of the time if is due to the wrong way. As the crown symbol has been been laser-engraved on the inside of the sapphire and it can only be seen in certain light.meanwhile, it is small which is easy to be ignored. If you want to check the sigh, the easiest way is to use a flashlight to light it from the horizontal side in the dark environment.

The green sapphire crystal is very distinctive and charming.
Blue Dial Replica Rolex Milgauss

Strictly speaking, it is true that the crown could be used to identify whether the sapphire of Rolex is true or false. But it is not all the sapphire of Rolex watches have been set with the small anti-counterfeiting crowns such as Rolex Milgauss fake with Oystersteel case. There isn’t any signs on the famous green sapphire of Milgauss.

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