Contrasting Metal: Three Powerful Two-Tone Replica Watches


Steel and gold used in a single watch: some people love it, others cannot stand it. Some think it is the perfect combination of a casual look dressed up with gold, while others only see a watch in limbo. But no matter how you look at it, these two-tone watches have been around for quite some time. Today many of the most prestigious brands still offer them as part of their current collection for those customers who enjoy some contrasting metal on their wrist!


Rolex Yacht-Master 40

Rolex is a brand that never shies away from creating two-tone watches. In fact, a significant part of their heritage consists out of this type of watches. While the Yacht-Master has always been available in a steel-gold variety, replica Rolex now combines it with their exclusives Everose gold. This gives the watch even more contrast, yet it also has a warmer feel to it. This is also thanks to the velvet brown dial that adorns this Yacht-Master.


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

The Royal Oak by Audemars Piguet is another one of those legendary watches that has been available in steel/gold throughout the majority of its lifetime. The gold bezel highlights the signature octagonal shape of the watch even more, while the brushed gold segments draw a subtle attention to the unique bracelet. Audemars Piguet also moved over from yellow gold to rose gold for their two-tone Royal Oak, another testimony to the increased popularity of this color gold. Replica watches online.


Omega Speedmaster

When a two-tone watch is worn on a strap instead of a bracelet, the gold accents become far more subtle. For the latest version of the Speedmaster full calendar, Omega opted to pair the steel and gold case with a green and gold bezel. Combined with the gray sunburst dial and gold hands, it gives the watch a unique contrast.

While two-tone watches might never be among the most popular versions of certain models, they do provide watch designers with an added contrast to play with. This allows them to create new varieties of legendary models, as the three watches above testify. For watch collectors and -connoisseurs these watches can offer a slight twist on a familiar theme, making them all the more interesting…..if you like two-tone of course!

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