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Another surprising nugget: diamond-set rainbow watches were on fire this year. My assumption heading into this tabulation was that a year spent indoors would lead to more chilled out, simple watches. Instead, celebrities wore more factory-set, blinged-out watches than ever. Both the Rainbow Royal Oak and 1:1 best replica Rolex’s Rainbow Cosmograph Daytona got more shine this year compared to last. Nearly all the spottings—on Travis Scott, Stormzy, and Mika Federer—took place before the world went into quarantine.

Black Dial Fake Rolex Cosmograph Daytona Watch

There’s no telling how popular they may have been had 2020 gone even remotely smoothly. Still, we’ll always have Patrick Mahomes treating his watch collection like a constantly evolving Pokémon: through the course of this year he upgraded from a fake Rolex Yacht-Master to a fake GMT-Master, and then he reached his final watch form with the 18ct everose gold fake Rainbow Daytona.

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